Life and Love In the Q Podcast Hard Life Choices and How to Make Them

We all have hard choices in our lives that we can either avoid or face head-on. In this episode, Dr. Treisha and Jill discuss the when and why behind making hard choices including:

  • If choosing yourself is a selfish act
  • Why making a choice isn’t a failure
  • Identifying resistance and resentment with your choices
  • Why you should plan for the worst-case scenario

WANT MORE? Join our Patreon now for an additional bonus episode to the discussion where:

  • Treisha discusses why she taught her yoga students to fail at poses.
  • Jill discusses why people come out and what the heck took her so long to get there.
  • Why there isn’t more knowledge explaining the coming out process now?
  • How do you know if you’re LGBTQ?

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