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Perfectly Queer is a story for-- 

  • Anyone who is hiding a piece of themselves and wants to know if it’s safe to be revealed. 
  • The parent who must choose between their own happiness and the stability of their family, wondering if prioritizing themselves is selfish.
  • The person potentially facing a major life upheaval filled with unknowns in the future who is seeking reassurance that everything will work out just fine. 
  • Those who are starting or are in the middle of their journey and need hope and inspiration.
  • Those who have been through it, to stand proudly affirmed on the other side.


Jillian Abby
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Put on your finest sweatpants, grab your weighted blanket and favorite houseplant, and join Jillian Abby for an exclusive Meet & Greet to:

  • Hear an early reading from the book
  • Ask any questions about Jillian or her coming out story
  • Learn about why the story almost didn’t come out

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The Reviews for Perfectly Queer Are In…

“A beautiful expression of truth. Jillian takes us on a riveting journey as she shares intimate pieces of her heart and soul. Her words awaken the parts within all of us that need remembering and reclamation. A brave teaching memoir, this book cracked my heart wide open in the best way. It's a must-read for our times.”

- Asha Frost, best-selling author of You Are the Medicine


“Jill's story of longing for her truth and becoming the truest expression of her soul made me laugh, cry, and cheer! What a beautiful invitation for us all to live authentically and find the place of unconditional love within ourselves. I looooved it so much. Thank you, Chica, for your light in the world.”

- Sandra Hinojosa Ludwig, author of award-winning book Chica, Why Not?


“In this perfectly honest and heartfelt memoir of what it means to wade through the Messy Middle stages of our lives, Jillian weaves a trail of laughter, tears, and 'me toos' that will resonate with any reader who feels caught in the gap between who they have been and who they desire to become.”

- Treisha Peterson, founder of the New June Academy and professor of human development and family studies at Texas Woman’s University


“Perfectly Queer is the compelling story of one woman's journey of self-discovery that is at once unique and entirely relatable. For many, the hard truths Jillian bravely shares will be affirming, and for others this book will serve as inspiration. However rocky the road might be, Jillian's story shows us that living an authentic life is possible at any age and that love truly is love.”

- Madigan Likes to Read, popular online reviewer of LBGTQ+ books

About Jillian Abby

Jillian Abby writing

Jillian Abby has mastered reinvention throughout her life to create the most whole and satisfying journey. She left the comfort of her hometown of Buffalo, NY, to study abroad in Cochabamba, Bolivia, at age 15. As an adult, her resume includes Certified Public Accountant, Licensed Massage Therapist, craft beer bar owner, creative copywriter, homeschooling parent, and black belt martial artist.

Her most recent role as a newly out lesbian and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community was by far her riskiest and most rewarding change. She serves as a committee member for Tampa’s first inclusive homeschool prom (@tbhive) and is a member of Tampa’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce and Babe Crafted. She supports others through her blog site and via TikTok at @AskQueerAbby. 

Jillian lives in Tampa Bay with her partner, Jen, their wildly wacky children, Sophie and Ollie, and a rescue cat named Poe.

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