I've always loved learning other people's stories.

I've always been gay.

I've always kept both of those a secret and spent years as a hetero accountant. I'm glad I've finally listened to what my soul has been telling me all along. Thank you for being here. I hope to learn your story someday too.

Queer Abby is a safe space for curiosity, learning, and growth. It is not a site just for the LGBTQ+. It is not a site just for allies. It's for anyone who has a question, is willing to open their mind, or wants to initiate (kind and respectful) conversation.

I am certainly not the expert and my stories are based on my own personal experience and vortex of knowledge. Your experience most likely was different. I encourage you to comment on the blogs and share these similarities and differences to further the conversation. With that said, this is a space for learning and growing, not harming or trying to win an argument.

Make sense? Good-- go forth with loving intention and welcome to our community.