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For much of my life, I assumed I was straight (thanks compulsory heterosexuality) until I realized I was not. Not straight. Not bisexual. Not pansexual. Super duper lesbian.

I had so many questions like “How did I not realize I was queer?” and “Can I really stay closeted the rest of my life?” Perhaps you or someone you know is asking themselves those same questions too.

After years of therapy and self-help books, I am now in such a happy and healed place and my mission in this world is for others to feel happy and healed as well. The gay agenda is not for everyone to come out as queer; it’s for everyone to live in the truest and most aligned version of themselves and to feel supported by a community around them.

Hence the creation of Ask Queer Abby…

This is a great space to do the following:

Ask questions about all things LGBTQIA+ in a place where you can receive honest perspective and real feedback.

• Learn about the challenges of being a perfectionist, coming out later in life, and strategies I used to overcome them in my Hay House memoir, Perfectly Queer.

Listen to my discussions about working through the messy middles of life with my Christian and LGBTQ+ ally co-host, Dr. Treisha Peterson.

• Watch some TikToks from a 40-something-year-old lesbian mom of two, who built her dream business, advocates for the LGBTQ+ community, and is head over heels in long-distance love with her soul-human.

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